System Recommendations

Room Placement, Electronics, Wire, CD Players


Room Placement

    Every speaker in the range, with the exception of the Super Elf, will benefit from a placement as far from corner junctions as the room will afford. Models such as Obelisk, Hawk, and Diapason do require a bit more space, in this vein, for best results, as they do have rear firing drive elements. 1� to 2 feet from rear and side walls is a good starting point. For further fine tuning, call us!

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   Contrary to some feedback we have received, our loudspeakers have never been designed to work with only one kind of electronics; however, our preference in electronics has always been solid state, even though tubes can work well if done properly.

   Since our loudspeakers are distributed in many countries having varied voltage standards, we recommend you rely on your dealer for the best choice of equipment. This is the reason we have partnered with the best distributors and dealers world wide. They are best equipped to advise you when adding new gear based on existing equipment, room acoustics, loudspeaker choice, etc.

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   On the topic of wire, yes people do still ask us! Kimber is, has, and always will be our favorite wire manufacturer for speaker wire and interconnect cables. Also excellent are the products from Mogami and Chord companies.

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CD Players

   On the topic of CD players, our choices have never been too politically correct, in that we feel that the medium as a whole has still not delivered 100% of what was originally promised by the powers that be. As a result, for under $1000.00 it is possible to get one out of many machines to get 95% of what the megabuck players will do.

   Surprisingly, some of the combo DVD/CD players have rendered amazing results...Keep your ears open. (Keep your eyes open too...beware of snake oil...)

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   On the topic of analog playback, we have found nothing to compare to Well Tempered Labs for turntables, and the full line of Dynavector for cartridges.