Contact Us

   For all prices and availability, contact us at the following:

Shahinian Acoustics Ltd.
130 Knickerbocker Ave
Suite H
Bohemia,  NY   11716
(631) 736-0033
Fax: (631) 736-0381

(Please don't e-mail us asking us to call you. Advice is free, but the phone call isn't.)


   Please be aware that at this time there are few active dealers in the United States. Please contact us to see if there is one in your area.  It has always been company policy to sell direct if there is not a dealer in your area. Also, if you are going to be in our area (Long Island, NY) you are welcome to make an appointment to come by and listen to our Loudspeakers.

For international inquiries:

        United Kingdom:

        Europe: Pear Audio Europe

        Australia: Dynavector

        Australia and New Zealand: Denco Audio